Saturday, 15 August 2015

August newsletter

Southern Hemisphere Feltmakers Convergence 2015
August Newsletter

Dear All
Five  weeks to go to fun, entertainment, meeting like minded people and new ideas.
Many thanks for your feedback, and letting us have your news and plans.
I am now receiving scarves for the scarf exchange – it feels like Christmas, getting so many parcels in the mail and I am enjoying the many styles and ideas that you are coming up with.
The program will be emailed or posted to you in the next 2 weeks. This will give you the opportunity to see the wide variety of options on offer, the tutors demonstrating and what to bring for any demos where you will have a chance to have a go at different techniques. It’s all looking very exciting.

Something important to consider:
Where will the next Southern Hemisphere Feltmakers Convergence in 2017 be held?
Do give this some thought to whether your area may wish to host the 2017 event. It would be great to be able to announce this in Auckland at Convergence.

Reminders to keep you all focused:

Scarf Exchange:
‘Reflecting 25 years of the Southern Hemisphere Feltmakers Convergences’.
To be posted to Raewyn Penrose by the 1st September 2015
1366 Tiki Rd
Coromandel Town 3506 New Zealand
 These are going to make a spectacular display and you also get to take one (not your own) home with you.

This will be held in the Parnell School Hall, Monday - Thursday.  
Should you wish to participate in the exhibition, there will be a limit of 2 pieces per person, to be handed in at registration. Please include two small labels for each item with your name, email address, contact phone number whilst at Convergence, and price. Please attach one label to the item, and the other will be displayed alongside it at the exhibition.
If an item is ‘not for sale’ please indicate this on the labels. There will be no commission deducted for any sales.
We will have somebody in attendance on the Open Day to process any sales to the public – these will however, be taken away on the day but we will collect the funds etc on your behalf.
Please note that whilst every care will be taken, you will be exhibiting and selling at the Exhibition entirely at your own risk.

Fashion Parade:
This will take place on Thursday evening at dinner. Should you wish to participate in the fashion parade, there is a limit of 1 garment per person. You may model it yourself or get a friend to do so.

Open Day:
On the Tuesday 29th September we will open the exhibition and traders to the public from 11 am – 3 pm.
Traders will have the opportunity to demonstrate their products. Remember that they will only be there on the Monday and Tuesday.
We have a wide variety of traders from books, fibres and accessories to add interest to the event.
The suitcase sale will also run from 11 am – 12.30pm on the Tuesday – later if you wish but there will be demos in the afternoon for registrants.
If you would like to be part of the suitcase sale and haven’t already notified us, please email us:
Total cost of $NZ20 entitles you to a table and space to sell your wares.

Theme Days:
This can be an accessory, garment or whatever your imagination comes up with.
Monday       – Sunshine
Tuesday        –Sea / Sky Blues
Wednesday – Clean Greens
Thursday       – Scarlet Woman

This will be emailed (or posted) to you soon, including any requirements you need to bring for the classes.
Spare copies will not be available

Our weather can be a bit unpredictable – it is so changeable at the moment,  one day cold the next lovely and sunny. At times you will be walking between the hotel and the Parnell School Hall across the road, so we suggest you bring a small umbrella or light rain coat with you. Hopefully it will be cool enough to wear our felt products! Layered clothing is probably the best bet.

 I’m sure you won’t forget these!

I think that is about all for the moment.
Looking forward to seeing you all.

Kind regards
Raewyn and Ian


  1. Hi Raewyn and Ian, thanks for all work you are doing. I am really looking forward to coming up to the Felting Convergence. I had a question from an Aussy Felter that is coming in the week before about where the good fibre places in Auckland are? I don't know Auckland well so was no help but perhaps some of you locals up there could post some of your favourite places?

    1. I don't think there are any Auckland outlets for merino, but Sentosa have a great range of fabrics. I can supply merino, silks etc from my gallery in Coromandel Town, but the Traders will be there Mon/Tues to supply pretty well everything people might need. Cheers Raewyn

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  3. Any news on where the 2017 Convergence will be?